Reflection On School Year

when I went to school on the first day I saw a lot of people. They were  in the school yard, plays ape and some out side of the school. There were also people in the field playing soccer. I suddenly saw my grade 5 line, so I went there and to my class.

I was in Mr. Bitterhoff’s class. But one day when I was sick the school called me and said I need to be in a other class room. Then he told me I need to go to Mr.Lee’s class. At forst I was sad a bout my friends being in another class but then some of my other friends came to my new class. And Mr. Lee was a wonderful teacher!

There was cool and awesome music. From different cultures and country’s. For example one music was from Chinese. Chinese instruments and Chinese background. The people playing the music were so talented and good. Listening to the music was very interesting.

One of the best trip was going to E.O.E.C. It was very fun going to that trip because so many things were done, like eating delicious food, playing the wolf prowl game and the games at free time. Did you know that E.O.E.C stands for enjoy our earth carefully? The wolf prowl game was so fun because it was in real life. You could be in teams and there were different kind of people. The wolf prowl game was one of the best games that I had ever played.

This year was a very good and successful year. I learned a lot about language science and more…. I also got into reading different books and stories. I had a great teacher that teaches me thing in diffenerent subjects. This year was awesome!!!

Spelling Story


“What all of nois?” Said Mr.Lee. The dinosaurs were so loud. Mr.Lee was walking on the beach beside the sea. He suddenly got pushed by a dinasour. When he look Back he saw a very very hight leveled person riding a rapter. Mr.Lee started running so fast that even the rapter couldn’t catch up. The rider finally ABATED the running of the rapter that was fast.

after all of that Mr.Lee went to gat some wood and stone so he can make tools like spears, crossbows, saddles and more…….. Then he leveled up. When he went to his inventory he saw the words HARD-HIDDING and ZOMBIISM. Then he went to the crafting place and he saw that he can make a BALANCE BEAM, an ELECTTRO-UPTICS and YORKSHIREPUTTING. He started making the yorkshireputting but he ignored the other two.

Then he felt a XERIC on his hand. He was feeling QUEER. He looked up and he suddenly saw a t-recks. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.” Said the t-recks…….

Reading Response

Do you wish you were a character in the book? Explain why or why not.

I don’t wish to be anyone in the book. Because in the book surviving is realy hard. There are no adults in the city. Everyone are running out of food. They just started gardening. Growing food takes a long time so they need food for now.

Reading Response

Choose an animal that represents the story. Explain why you chose that animal.

I think a monkey would be a good representation of the book. Because the main character and the gangs are very intelligent. Monkeys are also very intelligent. They know how to do a lot of things that other animals still can’t do. Did you know that the first humans born were similar to monkeys and gorilas!?

Reading Response

What would happen if we used the story’s main idea? How would it effect living?

The story’s main idea is team work. If the children in the book worked as a team they would live without adults. Living would be easier that way too! Because things would be a lot faster and easier. Easier because every one does less work.

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